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You are probably the 30th person who has raised this issue this year.  The
answer is yes.  I am also responding to your inquiry publicly to CDT-L in
hopes that others will see it as well. (I removed all your contact and
e-mail information)  


I have been collecting second party GPS information on the most commonly
traveled alternates for a couple of years now. The plan is to provide maps
of these alternates for the 2014 season.  These are:

New Mexico:
Columbus / Deming
Gila River
Mt. Taylor Summit
Old Pietown route (probably will move the Omega north roadwalk to one that
goes to Pietown as well. Official route is going to eventually parallel the
road from Omega to Pietown, so pie will always be part of the experience)

Cebolla Wilderness
Skull bridge / Ghost Ranch / Bear Camp

Creede Cutoff
New Argentine Spine route

Temple Pass  / Cirque of the Towers
Go-around to Fish Lake / Leeds Creek

Mack's Inn
Anaconda Cutoff
Bob Marshall - Spotted Bear Pass to Gooseberry

The GPS data being used for these is primarily track files from Garmins and
is of considerably lower quality than that of the data obtained by the
mapping project of 2009-2011.  I am checking it all with aerial topography
and making corrections - it should be end up being very good overall.
Probably 100' off in places, but the map lines on the maps are almost that
wide.  GPS waypoints for the routes are also being generated, and the maps
will be just like the current Mapbook Maps with UTM grid to aid navigation. 


One unresolved issue is whether to include the alternate maps in each
state's mapbook, or to create a separate book of all the alternates.  The
mapbooks are expensive, and the NM one in particular would get more so as
more pages are added. It appears that possibly up to 6 hikers will complete
the entire official route this year, while most others are doing at least
one or two of the alternates.  One possibility would be to produce a single
book plus a downloadable e-book of the alternates. The e-book would be a
lower cost alternative and users could just print the maps they need.  I
would love to get feedback on this, particularly from the new 2014 hikers.  


best wishes,


Jerry Brown

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    I have all your CDT map books.  (They are awesome!)  I am planning to
start NOBO next Spring.  Will probably have to do the whole trail in two
pieces.  (Two years.  I still have a job)  I am extremely dependant on the
UTM grids to keep myself "found" on any map.  So that's why I really like
your maps over Jonathan Ley's...no UTM grids.  But I like Ley's maps because
they give a few reasonable alternates to the "Official" CDT.  I'm just
afraid that the compass rose method isn't going to make me comfortable about
being in the right place, heading the right direction.  Especially in areas
where the trail is sketchy or non existant.  I was talking to another guy
who is planning to thru hike it in 2015, and he said he had heard somewhere
that you were planning on also mapping some of the most popular alternates
this winter.  Is that right?  So far I'm hoping for the Columbus route, the
Gila River route, the Creed and Anaconda routes.  (And any other major ones
I am not aware of yet.)

    Or is there some way I can UTM"ize" Ley's maps?




Chuck Shugart


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