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hopefully the car is high centered - we have had a lot of rain the past week and roads could be washed out 

Deming, NM

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oooh, one more thing....................since your girlfriend will have a car, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you cache water for yourself from Silver City to Crazy Cook.  Cache more than you possibly think you will need.  It's dry down there.


On Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 4:32 PM, Jackie McDonnell <yogihikes at gmail.com> wrote:

The Gila Hike and Bike shop is very hiker friendly.  Perhaps if you call, they could help.


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Currently hiking the CDT sobo - in Pagosa springs.

As my girlfriend is planning on meeting me in Silver City and hiking with me to crazy cook - I was wondering if anyone had any possible suggestions as to where one might leave a car for a week/week and a half? 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Will Govus | http://willgovus.com/ | 706-669-3551 

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