[Cdt-l] Trail conditions Rawlins WY to WY/CO border

bluefoot cdt at bnf.net
Wed Sep 18 02:10:14 CDT 2013

I've just come from Grand Lake, having been there for a week visiting a
friend.  We had gotten permitted for the RMNP loop just before the closure
and then the rain came and the park closed.  The park rangers we spoke to
on multiple occasions assured us that all the havoc was east of the divide
and that the closure of the western portion of the park was due to the fact

- park headquarters is on the east side near Estes Park
- park headquarters had been having communications issues (like everyone in
the flood zones)
- general park administration, but also search and rescue efforts are
coordinated out of headquarters
- the sequester and the season has left limited available (human) resources
and most RMNP employees were working issues on the east side

I think things might have opened back up today.  I overheard the rangers I
saw in town saying they were trying to open some trails on the west side.

The Grand Lake area had no slides, flooding or road damage to my knowledge.
 I heard no reports of slides or trail damage on the CDT between Steamboat
Springs and Grand Lake from the several southbound thru hikers I
encountered while we were in Grand Lake this past week.

My friend and I had a wonderful trip (though wet) to Crater Lake in Indian
Peaks Wilderness out of the Monarch Lake trail head just south of Grand
Lake and RMNP.

hike well,

bluefoot (now sobo from Leadville)

Ben Foote aka bluefoot
cdt at bnf.net

On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 7:51 PM, Dan Bedore <mr_dan_bedore at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I've just finished walking from the Wind River Range across the basin to
> Rawlins. The desert is muddy but passable. I finished at Rawlins, so I did
> not see the trail south of there, but it should be the same. Perhaps the
> rain will bring flowers and green plants. Enjoy your hike.
> Dan Bedore
> www.bedore.org
> On Sep 17, 2013, at 7:12 PM, Karen Keller <karen_e_keller at yahoo.com>
> wrote:
> I just noted the CDTC posted a link that RMNP is closed due to mudslides.
> Does anyone have any trail conditions info for Rawlins to the WY/CO border
> since all this flooding? Thanks!
> Rockstar
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