[Cdt-l] Gila WA hike

Charlie Thorpe charliethorpe at att.net
Sun Sep 22 23:06:25 CDT 2013

Hello All -

I have a "sudden" opportunity to visit NM with the intent of finishing one of my last two remaining section hikes of the CDT.  

I was knocked out of the Gila WA by a forest fire the last time I tried that section.  I was southbounding down from Pie Town and made it thru the Aldo Leopold WA before I had to take to the roads to get around the fire in the Gila WA and make it to Silver City.  I could either pick back up on the "official" route thru the Gila WA or grab a chance to hike the Gila River alternate.

I notice from the Forest Service website that there has been flooding on the Gila River.  Does anyone have any thoughts on hiking the river in early October of any year and especially on how the recent flooding complicates this route?


- Charlie

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