[Cdt-l] Gaia GPS app in place of dedicated GPS unit

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Welcome to:
1)  2013.   I have been using Gaia in NM, CO, WY, Scotland, Spain, FL  for a year since it was recommended here.
2)  ca. 2020   Soon but good battery packs and BAD solar options are still lighter than good solar options.  Good solar options might be worth the extra weight.
3)  <<< 2008  I NEEDED a screen protector on my gps on the CDT.  On my iPhone I use the waterproof Lifeproof, sic, case.  It is expensive, so I use a baggie to protect the case.  
4)  2014  I am happy to see that Jonathan is looking forward to technology helping hikers.  I have been worried that he saw technology as a threat to his cartography.  I hope we all appreciate that Jonathan's work is really information sharing, and his work, along with trail improvements, and gps tracks have taken the CDT, from a niche experience to a legitimate leg of the triple crown.  

Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2014 19:18:51 -0700
From: "Jonathan Ley" <jonathan at phlumf.com>
Subject: Re: [Cdt-l] Gaia GPS app in place of dedicated GPS unit
[1) ]   My thoughts exactly on GPS units. to add a few comments:

-        Many hikers carry a cell phone anyway, so why not have it all in
one unit?

-        The screens on phones tend to be a lot better than GPS units. 

[2- ]       There are good solar-charging options now, which might be lighter
than an extra battery pack.

-        Most phones have many gigs worth of memory built-in, so storing
lots of mapping data isn't a problem. 

[3)  ]  One downside is weatherproofing. But, a plastic baggie can help with that

{4)  ]
My ideal solution would be if someone finally released a color "e-ink"
screen in something about the size of a mini tablet or large phone (and it'd
need built-in GPS). The battery life on that could be excellent - similar to
a Kindle. Actually, the technology is there right now, but with really low
refresh rates & resolution. OK for looking at maps, but that's a pretty
small market. 



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