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The route appears on the east side of National Geographic's Trails
Illustrated map #140


You can also find it on the CT maps and waypoint files available from Jerry
Brown at Bear Creek Survey  (bearcreeksurvey.com). He also has a map book
for CDT Alternates as well as the official route. It is $46.95 for the
paperback version or $15.45 for the e-book version at
lulu.com/spotlight/bearcreek1035. The routes are current as of March 2014.
Here's the description:


"This is a 111 page map atlas detailing the most popular unofficial
alternate routes along the Continental Divide Trail. The maps are intended
for the use of CDT hikers who plan to stray off the official route. It was
compiled using a variety of 3rd party data sources so the maps and data are
somewhat less accurate than the official Mapbooks, but they will get you
there. This book is also available in digital format. Waypoint data is
available free from www.bearcreeksurvey.com The routes included are: 1.
Columbus Deming to Black Range (NM) 2. Silver City to Gila River (NM) 3.
Gila River (NM) 4. Pietown -(NM) 5. Cebolla Wilderness (NM) 6. Bonita - Zuni
(NM) 7. Mt. Taylor Summit (NM) 8. Ghost Ranch (NM) 9. Creede (CO) 10.
Collegiates Peaks Low Route (CO) 11. Silverthorne - Jones Pass (CO) 12.
Argentine Spine (CO) 13. Cirque of the Towers (WY) 14. Knapsack Col (WY) 15.
Leeds Creek (WY) 16. Mack's Inn (WY-ID) 17. Anaconda (MT) 18. Spotted Bear
(MT) 19. Dawson Pass(MT)."




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Does anyone know where I can get maps for the Creede Route in case the snow
is still too deep in the San Juans? Thank you!



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