[Cdt-l] First Hiker Report for the Middle Fork of the Gila Alternate Route

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Fri Apr 18 10:05:59 CDT 2014

Got this e-mail from Chuck Shugart who just made it to Pietown via the
Middle Fork of the Gila:


"Yes. I went up the middle fork of the Gila. It is passable but it was a
beast! Whatever trail there was before the flood is 95 percent gone. Lots of
debris and trash to work around.  Lots of walking on river cobblestone, sand
dune type sand, and shin scraping type new growth. I did it mostly with
shorts on and my legs are really scratched up. It's worse the further up you
go. But still beautiful. The water is anywhere from shin to thigh deep. It's
a find your own way proposition. But doable."


He also writes:


"Got it sorted out. I found a note you sent with the cards explaining how to
navigate to POIs.  Works great. And believe me it is getting a workout.
Between where the official CDT and the gila rejoin, and highway 12, much of
that I had to do way point to way point.   Where's the trail up there?! Made
it to Pie Town last night. You have made this doable for me. I also got the
new app from Sierra experience. Like it too."



best wishes,


Jerry Brown

mailto:bcss at bresnan.net



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