[Cdt-l] Grants WATER caches

Designer Aviaries birdcage at 7cities.net
Tue Apr 22 14:30:57 CDT 2014

Urgent notice.  We are having problems with the water caches south of 
Grants.  We think we have solved the problem of day hikers taking the water 
from the cache on 117 at the Acoma-Zuni trail head, however there is a real 
problem at the Bonito Canyon cache.  2 weeks ago someone took two 24 bottle 
cases of water from the Bonito cache and last night we discovered they had 
taken over 150 bottles of water and the tubs they were in.  There are no 
hikers on Bonito canyon other than CDT and the only people who go down the 
road are hunters and ranchers.  There is no hunting right now, so it must be 
the Ranchers who are taking the water.  We will go out tonight and set up a 
new cache probably at the west end of the Acoma-Zuni trail before you cross 
hwy 53 to Bonito Canyon.   We will post the new location on facebook and 
CDT-L.  We will also post it in the cache on Hwy 117 and get a notice to 
Pietown.  Note: there are more cattle on Bonito Canyon this year, so the 
Ranchers have hooked up the wind mill 2 miles down the road,  that is a 
possible water source as well.  Hugo and Carole Mumm 

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