[Cdt-l] Water report

Stephen Olshansky olshanskystephen at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 24 10:06:35 CDT 2014

Water report
Chain of craters north....,
Surprisingly there is water in chain of craters. 
Didn't walk the road from pie town so I don't know about that. 
A few miles in after the lava in chain of craters there is a windmill about .5-.7 off the trail on co road 42
Can see it
Then Jonathan's cow trough and water in way down to chato flats. 
After the highest point and you start to descend there is water. Go right at the cross dirt road 880 feet to new trough. 
Didn't walk up through Paxton spring so can't say about that. But this should be enough to get to Zuni 

THE GOOD NEWS IS THE "spigot" is WORKING! A key source.. Ley map 13#1 at bottom of map. 
Map 14 note#8 was dry. 
Didn't look for barrel spring
Ley map19 note 3 big spring could not find water. 
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