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Doug Carlson doug-sue at centurylink.net
Sat Apr 26 03:09:17 CDT 2014

I started from CC on April 10 with Larry.  I ran into some very unusual van
key problems and picked up the name Keymaster.  


Larry ran into what seems to have been an electrolyte imbalance and on the
morning of the  4th day hiked back to Hwy 9 and hitched into Lordsburg.


I finished the last 38 miles into Lordsburg in 2 days.


Larry recovered and we jumped up to Silver City, had a friend drive us out
to the end of Little Walnut Rd and Larry and I hiked from there up to Snow
Lake in 8 days.  We ended our hike at Snow Lake today.  I left Larry in
Silver City this afternoon and I drove back to AZ and got in this evening.


The Gila River section was destroyed by a flood  last fall.  What we found
was a shortage of remaining trail and an abundance of small boulder fields
to walk across, huge debris piles to work around, and lots of sand and silt
to walk through.  Hiking the Gila River is different this year than it has
ever been before.


Last year I hiked the section of the Gila River from where the TJ Ranch
Trail joins the Gila River- the popular route into the Jordan Hot Springs-
and from there up to Snow Lake. Good earth path to tread, great trees to
walk under and easy river crossings.  All that is now changed- the earth is
gone in most places.  I estimate that maybe 30% of the original trail still
exists  but what is in place is often covered in fine silt or sand, and
often blocked by downed trees and piles of debris.  Looking at the changes
from last year I was close to tears a number of times.  Still, Larry and I
made it through to Snow Lake in 4 days/3 nights.     we were done by noon
today (Friday- April 26) and Larry and I called our trip a success and ended
it there.


I still have some lingering problems with radiation from 5 yrs ago.  I don't
understand this but last year into the 3rd week I started peeing blood.
Same thing happened this year.  I have worked with the after effects of
radiation now for 5 years.  I have some lingering problems I just can't get
over and I think this trip has been my last attempt at a long distance hike.
I am 65 and think I am  going to see if I can get into a senior baseball
league in Phoenix and redirect my energy in a different direction.


I have really enjoyed the time on the cdt-l.  I can still toss a baseball
across home plate, but I am just not in this long distance hiking league.
So I am benching myself.


I do have a z-pack solo plus tent with Cuban fiber/flooring in it for sale
for $395.


Stakes not included.


Theresa, thanks for the spotting, the naming- I enjoyed the time with you
and on the trail very much.  


Also, I have now hiked both the CDT and the CDTS routes from their starting
points to Snow Lake.  I may post a few more times and share my thoughts on
the 2 routes.  


-Keymaster (once known as Trew)

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