[Cdt-l] water cache - Grant NM

Designer Aviaries birdcage at 7cities.net
Sat Apr 26 15:04:49 CDT 2014

We have a new location for the Bonito Canyon water cache.   It is located at 
the north end of the paved parking lot of the Acoma-Zuni trail, which is 
before you cross hwy 53 to get to Bonito Canyon.  When you reach the parking 
lot, you will see a restroom to the north.  The cache is on the north side 
of a large pinion tree 20 feet north of the restroom.  The tree stands 
alone.  I know this will be hard, but please try not to create a path to the 
water.  The Forestry knows that we put the water out, but they can't 
authorize it.  So, please try not to draw attention to the location.  They 
could stop what we are doing, and the day hikers could find it as well.  We 
will get gps as soon as possible.  Carole Mumm

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