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Note the last entry on the page and corresponding link.

Apparently it's a matter of politics and perceived need. If fortified, maintained water caches on Mt Taylor is deemed to be genuinely in the long-term best interest of the CDT, then there should be a way to exert the needed influence at an agency level. 


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   1. Water caches on Mt. Taylor (Designer Aviaries)


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Urgent Notice:  Our water caches on Mt. Taylor in NM were confiscated and 
Hugo and I were summoned to the Ranger Station today.  The Ranger informed 
us that we could no longer put water caches on the mountain.  Because we 
have no way of contacting the Sobo hikers, they gave us permission to keep 
water at both caches until the last hikers come through this year.  They 
don't know about the caches at the Acoma Zuni trail, so we will continue to 
maintain those caches until they are discovered.  I don't know how they 
found out about the caches on Mt Taylor, as we have them well hidden. 
Someone must have told them is all I can think of.  We will go up on Mt. 
Taylor tomorrow and put the water caches back in place and will check on the 
Gooseberry Spring.  The Ranger said that they had fenced it off from the 
cows, so this will have to be the replacement for the cache over the 
mountain.  We will let you know what we find out.  The trail that goes 
around the mountain, the hikers will have to use the cow ponds.  The Ranger 
did say that they had replaced all the pipes at the San Mateo spring.  This 
would be a water source for those going around the mountain, although it is 
a mile or so off trail.  Sorry!  Hugo and Carole Mumm 


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