[Cdt-l] water on Mt. Taylor

Designer Aviaries birdcage at 7cities.net
Mon Aug 18 14:36:13 CDT 2014

  Thanks everyone for wanting to contact the local Ranger station.  The 
Ranger has made his stand, and we fear that if too much is made of this, 
that it could compromise our other two water caches, which right now are 
probably more important to you than the lost ones on the mountain. The two 
caches on the mountain have been returned to the same locations, so the 
Sobos will have fresh bottled water at both trails this year only.  If 
anyone needs the gps, just email.
  The Gooseberry has been re-routed into a tank and has plenty of water. 
There is no visible water at the source, however the ranchers have put in 
over a mile of pipe that goes down hill from the spring towards the junction 
of the 501 and 193 into a large tank.  The tank is feed from the bottom, so 
access will have to be the tank.  Right now it is clear water. There is 
plenty of water in the tank right now and I will post a photo on facebook 
CDT 2014.  Here is the gps for the Gooseberry Tank 35.220277 - 107.633328.
  For Nobos 2015 going over the mountain, we have a short cut to the tank 
that I will post in plenty of time for your hike and we will check the tank 
as soon as the snow melts to be sure there is water for you.  If there is 
not, we will find some solution, but right now the Gooseberry is a good 
source of water for over the mountain. When Hugo got the gps for Gooseberry, 
he also checked out the Bosque tank a 1/2 mile away and it is dry, so no 
help.  American Canyon Spring 8 miles beyond the mountain has always had 
good water.
  For those going around the mountain, there are two ponds with water, one 
about 17 miles from Grants and the other about 5 miles further.  Hugo 
checked the Lower Lillies tank and there was no water.  The next source is 
either San Mateo Spring, or there has always been water at Ojo Piedra (35 
16.445 N, 107 35.818 W).
  One more source could be Big Springs located between the Trail Head off 
Lobo Canyon Rd at Grants and FR193 below the mountain. We have been told 
that it has water in it currently and we will make sure to check it out 
before next year and get a gps.
  We feel confident, that no matter what, you will have a water source on 
the mountain.  Hugo and Carole Mumm 

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