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Tue Aug 26 09:10:14 CDT 2014

We've been getting quite a few inquiries from prospective 2015 hikers about
next season's mapbooks. Here is the scoop:

New Mexico - A new book will be printed for 2015. There are new developments
in the Carson forest. Possibly some in the Silver City area as well, but
that construction may not be finished this year. We have already made one
trip down to NM and are going again in late September. I would advise
waiting until this winter and getting the new book. The new edition should
be ready sometime in November. 

Colorado - no changes. 

Wyoming - no changes.

Montana/Idaho - no changes now, but..
There is a fair amount of new trail being constructed in vicinity of Butte,
but it won't be ready until spring. We had hoped it would be finished by
now, but it is not. The USFS has suggested that we come up to do the survey
early next summer. Our plan is to go up in late June, gather the data, then
publish the changed maps and waypoints which we will immediately make
available for hikers to download and use. This should work fine for NOBO
hikers, who generally don't make it up there until late summer but it might
be a close call for SOBO hikers who get an early start.


best wishes,


Jerry Brown 

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