[Cdt-l] Dangerous sheep dogs

Jim Wolf mail at cdtsociety.org
Tue Aug 26 14:16:55 CDT 2014

CDT hikers, along with local recreationists, report hazardous encounters 
with the Akbash dogs that guard sheep herds around Silverton, Colorado. 
The animals, which stand up to nearly three feet tall and weigh up to 
140 pounds, frequently startle passing travelers with their aggressive, 
snarling approach. Raising hiking poles as a defensive measure does not 
help; on the contrary, it is more likely to prompt an attack. (Don't 
throw rocks at the dogs or run away from them, either.) At least one 
long-distance hiker was bitten and needed medical care, and one local 
hiker now carries a loaded gun when she goes out for a hike. The Forest 
Service is aware of the problem and is requiring ranchers to keep their 
sheep herds at least a quarter-mile from the CDT. Anyone who has an 
unpleasant encounter with the large white dogs should report the 
incident to the San Juan National Forest's Columbine Ranger District 
(which has an office in Silverton). [From a report in the Denver Post.]

Jim Wolf

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