[Cdt-l] Sheepdogs on the CDT

Mary Kwart mkwart at gci.net
Tue Aug 26 14:57:56 CDT 2014

I just finished CDT from NM to the CT and had a close encounter with
two of the large white dogs and their 2,000 sheep. It was just past
Kite Lake, almost to the connection with the CT above Elk Creek. The
sheep were right on the CDT and grazing around it--impossible to
avoid.  I gave the dogs  a wide berth after they ran down the hill 
making a bee line for me,  barking and growling. I skirted around the
herd going cross country through bogs and willows. As long as the dogs
couldn't see me in the willows, they didn't approach. I met the herder
at the top of the ridge--he was away from the flock to look for a
missing sheep. His own two sheep dogs that were with him were ordinary
black and white herding dogs and very friendly. He spoke Spanish, but
with my limited command of that language I explained the problem with
the big white dogs. He apologized for the behavior of the big white
dogs. He said he was working for a Montrose Ranch and was from Peru,
name of Edgar.

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