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Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
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I don't think anyone stated that picking up rocks doesn't work, but rather throwing rocks at the dogs may not be a good idea. I would tend to agree. At the same time, having to defend oneself against guard dogs while on public land, on a National Scenic Trail, is an affront to any reasonable person's sensibilities. It's an insult on top of an injury in this case, considering the environmental damage caused by the archaic use of alpine meadows as summer pasture for sheep. They don't call em hoofed locusts for nothing.

- Brett

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I'll go with jb. Way too much "expert" advice in the hiking webosphere.
On Aug 27, 2014 11:31 AM, <bcss at bresnan.net> wrote:

> I have had numerous interactions with these dogs over the years.  Most of
> the herds are watched by Peruvian immigrants on short term visas.  I speak
> bad Spanish very well and had the opportunity to have coffee with one of
> the sheepherders a few years back.  While we were talking, one of his
> Akbash dogs came after me.  He picked up a rock and the dog ran away in
> panic.  I questioned him about it and he explained that rocks are used for
> training the dogs.  I have had five different encounters with Akbash dogs
> since then and I alway pick up a rock, and the dogs always run away.  The
> notion that rocks don?t work is just plain incorrect.  I have never had to
> throw a rock ? just pick it up and they will back off.
> best wishes,
> Jerry Brown
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