[Cdt-l] lost another water cache in Grants

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Coming over from the UK I think your Trail Angel network is wonderful, not something I have experienced over here when hiking in Europe, and am very sad to hear about your problem. Some of you may have heard about Miss Janet's problem with the law back in '03 in Erwin, TN on the AT. The hiker hostel was full and hikers were looking for another place to stay so she helped out but the Hostel owner heard and called in the sheriff who threatened to take her to court. News travels fast on the trail and a lawyer who was on the trails called her to offer his services, free.
On the flip side, a cop gave me a ride into Dubois, WY (its illegal to hitch in WY), and another in Yellowstone let me camp in the picnic zone at Old Faithful village.
Luck of the draw. Maybe being from Scotland helped, a lot of people seem to have Scots-Irish ancestory.

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Don't roll over so quickly. Contest the citation and make this guy show up in Court. Plead your case there rather than at the cache site. 
Mini Mart

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