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Tue Dec 16 10:54:30 CST 2014

I agree with Mini Mart, Carole; fight the ticket;  tell the Gestapo you 
want a Jury Trial. You can act as your own attorney and get  away with a lot in 
the courtroom; I've done it! You can interrupt, play dumb,  ask the judge 
repeatedly "how can I get a fair trial" when he/she tells you to  shut up. 
AND --- repeatedly lean on the FS or BLM about why they don't have  enough 
developed water sources on a National Scenic Trail; repeatedly let the  jury 
know you were just trying to help hikers when the FS/BLM failed them; and  
repeatedly let the jury know that you damaged no one's life, liberty, or  
property, and kept the trash picked up. 
    I seem to have deleted your original email. Could  you please tell me 
whose unit this occurred in? I want to write them a polite,  but firm email. 
I hope other hikers will do the same; if they get enough  emails in the next 
7 days or so, they may just drop it. Speaking for myself  only, I'll donate 
money to help cover your fine, if you just pay it, and/or  other expenses 
if you fight it.    
all IMHO; please keep us informed Carole,
Bob "Trekker"  Brewer
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