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Matt Signore mpsignore at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 12:14:52 CST 2014

The law is pretty clear and the Mumms were asked to remove the caches and
they didn't.  The ticket is representative of non compliance with local law
enforcement wishes.  Not the act itself, or they would have issued a ticket
first not asked them to remove the caches months ago.

What the hiking community DOESN'T need is a rift with the BLM and USFS and
private landowners. If you want the CDT to improve we need to maintain good
relationships with land managers and the locals.

The CDTC is trying to get new trail built in the same ranger district, and
as a community we have become a problem for them.  Why should they work
with us if we won't work with them?

If you can carry a bear canister in Glacier and RMNP you can carry the
extra liter or two of water in NM.  People have hiked there for 30 years
previous to the Mumms caching water.  Every piece of gear in the 80's was
heavier.  I would think with lighter gear we carry that we could carry a
few extra pounds of water in order to stay alive.

Seriously though if you can't hike without assistance from a 70+ year old
couple maybe you aren't much of a hiker after all.  The CDT isn't for
everyone there are other trails.  This is just another case of carry water
out to me because I don't want to carry it myself.

Are the Mumms willing to carry 100 gallons of water per day to each cache.
It took the PCT 4 years to jump from 30 gallons per day being used at
caches 150- 200.  That jump occurred from 2010 to 2014.  We really need to
ask is the Mumms if that is something they are willing to sign on for?
Because if they aren't forget the whole cache water for the weak hiker

The Mumms are the only ones caching water around Grants.  No one else is.
Realistically they aren't going to be out there in 10 years.  Moto Mary
doesn't cache anymore, Lloyd Gust had to stop. The person or people that
take over for the Mumms now has to have the same commitment as the Mumms.
If the younger generation is unwilling to carry their own water.  I think
we will be hard pressed to have them deliver it for others every day.

I feel we are best served preparing the people for the trail. Not the trail
for the people.

Matt Signore
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