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This is unfortunate to say the least. Sorry for all the trouble.

Ok, so is the fine for "non compliance" as stated, distributing water or "digging and disturbing the ground" like Carole stated.

If that's the case we'll all have a lot of cat holes out there waiting for some overdue fines. 

Is this a situation where if we truly want a cache here the CDTC needs to step in and get a box installed? Who ever fills it is another story. Seems appropriate if you're going to send people across a rugged lava field and a huge stretch of pavement on the official route. I'm guessing national monuments have a different standard.

This could be a good working relation.

Losing the west cache won't be so bad. I used the windmill up Bonita this past season and had me wondering why there was a cache west. If it was "recently fixed" then I understand past intentions. I think Ley had noted it as not reliable in the past. Hopefully this windmill proves to be reliable. Will be crucial. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that it's probably not wise to have hikers congregating around the cache in the parking lot drawing attention. Especially on hwy 117. I know we all like to take a nice break around water sources.

This is a major crosshair of two routes. Craters and Cebolla alt. Hikers make decisions through here that will dictate their water. You can't possibly CATER to everyone and which way they are headed.

HYPOTHETICALLY  loosing the east cache would prove to be harder. As Mumm pointed out this to be the more critical source. But manageable if we plan accordingly. Haul your saving grace. Cow goodness in all its' form.

aprox figures without caches:
Cebolla ALT- from the (last source at cebolla canyon) or sand canyon (both good @ 2.5 a part)

12 mi to zuni acoma TH and 9 mi to Bonita windmill. 
Potentially a 21 mile waterless gap
Not so bad
Craters- maybe proving smarter to head from ice caves to Bonita windmill ALT, (unfortunately skipping zuni acoma) and the daunting 20+ mi paved 117. If using ice caves up secondary purple alt you would miss this windmill.
If you actually went from ice caves up official would be sum 35 mi waterless. Give or take where ever your 1st commercial source is in Grants. 
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