[Cdt-l] Carole, we support you!

Travis Naibert tnaibert at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 20:38:11 CST 2014

Carole, would you so kindly email me your address so I can personally send
you a check for $125 dollars. You can put it towards your fine or you can
use it to continue to buy drinks for thirsty hikers. Or use it to buy
yourself and Hugo a holiday present, you deserve one after all the hikers
you have helped over the last five+ years.

Obviously, hikers could and would carry an extra liter or two of water in
NM if they had to. But the point is that Hugo and Carole spend their own
time and money to help hikers get through a rather difficult section of the
trail. And above all else they are incredibly generous people who do not
deserve monetary penalties or idiotic rants.

Mr. Signore, I would just like to let you know that your responses on this
forum often reflect very poorly on Yogi and her business. If I were her I
would make you stop putting her web address at the bottom of your posts. I
for one will never buy another yogi hiking book ever again, and I would
encourage any other thru-hikers or potential thru-hikers out there to look
elsewhere for information on planning a thru-hike.

Suspect, CDT 2011
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