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Jackie McDonnell yogihikes at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 21:26:23 CST 2014

I applaud the efforts Hugo and Carole Mumm put forth for hikers. They
clearly enjoy helping CDT hikers.  Their dedication is admirable.

Does it suck that the Mumms were fined $125?  Yes.  Am I surprised?  No.
Here’s why:

On Aug 11, 2014, Carole posted this to CDT-L: “Our water caches on Mt.
Taylor in NM were confiscated and Hugo and I were summoned to the Ranger
Station today.  The Ranger informed us that we could no longer put water
caches on the mountain.  Because we have no way of contacting the Sobo
hikers, they gave us permission to keep water at both caches until the last
hikers come through this year.  They don't know about the caches at the
Acoma Zuni trail, so we will continue to maintain those caches until they
are discovered.  I don't know how they found out about the caches on Mt
Taylor, as we have them well hidden.”

Aug 11, Carole told me:  “The Rangers do not know about the water caches on
hwy 117 or hwy 53 at the Acoma Zuni trail, so we will continue to maintain
those caches until we get discovered.  Hopefully never . . . . . . . There
has been a retired guy, named Ron?,  doing some trail work in the area.  I
have spoken to him on the phone.  He has been in contact with the Ranger
Station a number of times, trying to get them to be more aware of the
hikers and the trails.  He put signs up for the hikers letting them know
about water sources other than our caches, and he told me that the Rangers
took them all down (several times).  He may have inadvertently told them
about our caches and may have aggravated them.  This could be how this all
came about.  I don't know.  The Ranger was pretty aggressive when we first
got there today, but once we talked to him for a while, he mellowed out.
However, he was still adamant about no caches on the mountain.”

On Aug 18, 2014, Carol posted this to CDT-L: “The Ranger has made his
stand, and we fear that if too much is made of this, that it could
compromise our other two water caches, which right now are probably more
important to you than the lost ones on the mountain. The two caches on the
mountain have been returned to the same locations.”

So . . . . . I *suspect* that Acoma-Zuni trailhead is in the same
jurisdiction as Mt. Taylor, based upon Carole saying that the Rangers who
stated that caches are not allowed on Mt. Taylor “don’t know about the
caches at the Acoma Zuni trail.”  That said, it’s not much of a leap to
conclude that the Mumms had some suspicion that the Rangers would not be
happy about the cache at the Acoma Zuni trailhead.

Based solely on statements made by Carole, my opinion is that it is very
clear that the Rangers do not want caches in their jurisdiction.  Carole is
just trying to help hikers.  I get it.  But the Mumms have clearly received
previous warnings regarding caches.  So, no, I’m not surprised about the

I have not met the Mumms in person.  We have a friendly online
relationship.  Carole and I exchange emails a few times each year, with our
goal being to get correct information into the hands of hikers.

Carole has met Matt.  In fact, the Mumms hosted Matt for dinner in 2012.
Carole stated “Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed having Matt over
for dinner last night.”  Since then, Carole and Matt have had differing
opinions on the CDT-L.

Matt’s post today was in no way inflammatory.  Matt stated his opinion
regarding the fine and the caches.  Matt stated “the Mumms were asked to
remove the caches and they didn't.  The ticket is representative of non
compliance with local law enforcement wishes.”  Carole refuted that
statement.  Well..............the Rangers *did* tell the Mumms to remove
the caches on Mt. Taylor, so *perhaps* Matt mixed up that information with
the Acoma-Zuni incident.  I do not know this for a fact, but I suspect that
is what happened.

I hiked the CDT before the Mumms were gracious enough to put out caches.  I
carried my own water.  It wasn’t hard.  Would it have been easier if there
were Mumm caches?  Yep.  But the CDT isn’t supposed to be easy.

Jackie McDonnell
Yogi’s Books

On Tue, Dec 16, 2014 at 2:38 PM, Designer Aviaries <birdcage at 7cities.net>
> We just want to thank all of you for your kind words and support.  We are
> just going to pay the fine and put this behind us.  The last thing we want
> to do is create any negatives for future hikers. We dealt with the US
> Forestry and the BLM with respect and cooperation.  We will continue to
> maintain the water cache on hwy 117 and continue to check the other water
> sources in our area.  We will post the information on as current a basis as
> possible and will support the future hikers in any way we can. Hugo and
> Carole
> P.S. In our defense, I would like to address a statement that Matt posted
> and I quote:  "The law is pretty clear and the Mumms were asked to remove
> the caches and they didn't.  The ticket is representative of non compliance
> with local law
> enforcement wishes.  Not the act itself, or they would have issued a ticket
> first not asked them to remove the caches months ago."
> I don't know were Matt gets his information, but the above is a lie!  We
> were never asked to remove the water cache until this last Sunday,
> 12/14/14.
> We set up this water cache last year from the original location across the
> road because the cache was stolen either by hunters, ranchers or thieves.
> When I was contacted by the BLM ranger last month, he didn't know where the
> cache was located.  I had to give him directions to the cache.  He said he
> would check it out and get back to me.  He did just that on Sunday and we
> removed the cache in his presence and put the earth back to its original
> state.
> Matt:  please, in the future, get your facts straight before accusing
> people.  No matter what you say in response to this statement, I will not
> answer.  I'M DONE!  Carole
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