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Karl Gottshalk kgottshalk at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 12:59:36 CST 2014

Hugo and Carole, thank you for all you do. I applaud your decision to not
respond further, your restraint is admirable.


On Tue, Dec 16, 2014, 1:38 PM Designer Aviaries <birdcage at 7cities.net>

> We just want to thank all of you for your kind words and support.  We are
> just going to pay the fine and put this behind us.  The last thing we want
> to do is create any negatives for future hikers. We dealt with the US
> Forestry and the BLM with respect and cooperation.  We will continue to
> maintain the water cache on hwy 117 and continue to check the other water
> sources in our area.  We will post the information on as current a basis as
> possible and will support the future hikers in any way we can. Hugo and
> Carole
> P.S. In our defense, I would like to address a statement that Matt posted
> and I quote:  "The law is pretty clear and the Mumms were asked to remove
> the caches and they didn't.  The ticket is representative of non compliance
> with local law
> enforcement wishes.  Not the act itself, or they would have issued a ticket
> first not asked them to remove the caches months ago."
> I don't know were Matt gets his information, but the above is a lie!  We
> were never asked to remove the water cache until this last Sunday,
> 12/14/14.
> We set up this water cache last year from the original location across the
> road because the cache was stolen either by hunters, ranchers or thieves.
> When I was contacted by the BLM ranger last month, he didn't know where the
> cache was located.  I had to give him directions to the cache.  He said he
> would check it out and get back to me.  He did just that on Sunday and we
> removed the cache in his presence and put the earth back to its original
> state.
> Matt:  please, in the future, get your facts straight before accusing
> people.  No matter what you say in response to this statement, I will not
> answer.  I'M DONE!  Carole
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