[Cdt-l] NM Water Caches: Freezing Water?

Doug Carlson doug-sue at centurylink.net
Mon Feb 3 07:44:17 CST 2014

Wondering, when leaving water out at caches in NM, what is the risk of those
water bottles freezing and splitting?


This is the kind of stuff that can keep you up at night.


Is there an actual Post Office in Gila Hot Springs?  I ask because if you
wanted to use a bounce box, can you leave a pre-paid package for mailing at
Doc Campbell's store and will the PO take it?  


Doc's is one of those places that seems to be a bit short of services- at
least I didn't find any.  When I was through there last year I stayed 2
nights at the Gila Hot Springs campground with the hot springs but didn't
find a place to do laundry the area.


8 weeks and Larry and I are on our way.  


Countdown clock is ticking........  tocking......  :)

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