[Cdt-l] Sun Umbrella

Larry Swearingen larry.swearingen at frontier.com
Fri Feb 7 08:44:17 CST 2014

I bought a GoLite Chrome Dome with the thought of using it
going across the Great Divide Basin from Rawlins to South Pass
City later this summer.  I’ve only used it around the neighborhood
in the rain earlier in the fall and it works well even with up to
about a 15mph wind.  
I set up to try it out a few days ago with my new pack in prep
for the April start at Crazy Cook.  I’ll also be using 2 trek poles
so I wanted to figure a way to hold the umbrella on the pack
straps and to use it hands free.
The solution that I came up with was pretty much the same as
Scott Williams except that when I just had it go behind my sternum 
strap it would slide sideways very easily.  My solution was to wrap
an overhand knot around the umbrella shaft to lock it in position.
I also used a mini biner through the bottom loop and around my
waist belt.  It seems pretty rock solid like that.  I did find that my
Sternum Strap was a little short so I replaced it with a longer web
to allow for more adjustability.  If it still moves too much in wind I
can wrap a Clove Hitch around the shaft and that should lock it
in very well.   
With such an early start (April 1 ) we shouldn’t hit the higher temps that
those starting a month later than us will see.  
I got the Chrome Dome idea from rereading Ray Jardine’s book.
After living in California for 43 years I have a lot of sun damage and
will NOT be hiking in short sleeves and shorts.

Larry   HooDad
Fort Wayne, IN

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Plans are to start on April 1.  Excellent day to begin such an undertaking.






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when are you taking off on your hike?



Deming, NM

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Needed in New Mexico?  How many of you used them?  Didn't use them and maybe  wished you did?


How did you attach them to your pack so you can use two trekking poles?  Etc?



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