[Cdt-l] Isobutane availablility

Mary Kwart mkwart at gci.net
Tue Feb 11 12:53:31 CST 2014

Thanks a lot. I have Yogi's guide but it doesn't cover isobutane

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Cuba has a couple of places that (I think) look promising, both close
to the McDonald's.  If I get in there at a decent hour before hiking
season I'll take a look.

 Clovis, NM USA

On Feb 11, 2014, Larry Swearingen  wrote:   You might want to pick up
a copy of “Yogi’s Continental Divide Handbook” for a LOT of
Trail Town information. Yogi says: Silver City has a Walmart
SuperCenter Lordsburg isn’t listed as having anyplace that may carry
cannisters     but it does have Heet. Grants has a Walmart
SuperCenter. Cuba and Chama wouldn’t appear to have anyplace either.
  >>Otherwise, I will mail some to myself. Thanks.

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