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Wow! The CDT enters the big time! Can 1200 thru - hikers be far behind?
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> This from CDTC.  WAY TO GO!!!!!
> Happy Presidents Day 2014 CDT Hikers! To celebrate we have an exciting
> announcement! CDTC has been officially approved to operate a shuttle to
> transport CDT hikers to and from the official Southern Terminus of the CDT
> (aka Crazy Cook). We will be operating this service under a BLM permit that
> will run in the spring (4/10-5/4) and in the fall (10/1-10/15). It's a
> temporary program that will hopefully lead to a long term program in
> following years. Dates were based on building snow pack conditions along
> the
> Trail this year. We have been working with the BLM, the Community of
> Hachita, and the Border Patrol to work out the details. These include
> providing overnight stay at the Hachita Community Center for hikers taking
> part of the service, and support to help with your water caches. We are
> asking people make donations(suggested $20) to the Hachita Community Center
> directly if they stay at the Center. Shuttle cost will be $60/person and
> include pick ups and drop offs in Lordsburg. Specific sign up details will
> be available after we visit the site Friday and meet with our partners in
> this effort. We will also be looking for volunteer support during the time
> period, to help with various activities, more details on these needs will
> be
> coming soon too! For more details please contact
> info at continentaldividetrail.org to be put on the mailing list for the
> official announcement!
> best wishes,
> Jerry Brown
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> I will be flying in from Europe to El Paso and then taking the train to
> Lordsburg. My flight has long since been booked therefor my planned start
> date is 18. April 2014. Unless I overlooked some posting there still
> doesn't
> seem to be a ride option to CC. Are there still talks or consultations with
> possible options going on?
> Trew; what came out of your Church contacts in Silver City?
> Hamburger
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