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Thanks Jerry Brown for posting this and I just want to add, we are sorry
that it took us so long to announce this effort, we know many of you are
well into the planning of your CDT hikes etc. We just wanted to make sure
we had the signed permit in hand before we announced anything publicly. We
realize this may not work for everyone this year, but we hope that for
those we are able to support, it will help us expand and provide even more
coverage next year and beyond. And no worries about bringing 1200 CDT
hikers to the Trail- as part of our commitment to responsible use of the
CDT we are limited to how many daily visitors we can shuttle to the Trail,
but we hope this will also help ensure your experience is still one worthy
of the CDT, but also help establish the CDT 's official route and so lay
the foundation for future travelers along the CDT.

If you have any questions please contact us at
info at continentaldividetrail.org, or simply to be added to the mailing for
the official notice with registration information.  This will not come out
until after we meet on site with the BLM and Border patrol, and nail the
last few details down, later this week.

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> This from CDTC.  WAY TO GO!!!!!
> Happy Presidents Day 2014 CDT Hikers! To celebrate we have an exciting
> announcement! CDTC has been officially approved to operate a shuttle to
> transport CDT hikers to and from the official Southern Terminus of the CDT
> (aka Crazy Cook). We will be operating this service under a BLM permit that
> will run in the spring (4/10-5/4) and in the fall (10/1-10/15). It's a
> temporary program that will hopefully lead to a long term program in
> following years. Dates were based on building snow pack conditions along
> the
> Trail this year. We have been working with the BLM, the Community of
> Hachita, and the Border Patrol to work out the details. These include
> providing overnight stay at the Hachita Community Center for hikers taking
> part of the service, and support to help with your water caches. We are
> asking people make donations(suggested $20) to the Hachita Community Center
> directly if they stay at the Center. Shuttle cost will be $60/person and
> include pick ups and drop offs in Lordsburg. Specific sign up details will
> be available after we visit the site Friday and meet with our partners in
> this effort. We will also be looking for volunteer support during the time
> period, to help with various activities, more details on these needs will
> be
> coming soon too! For more details please contact
> info at continentaldividetrail.org to be put on the mailing list for the
> official announcement!
> best wishes,
> Jerry Brown
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> I will be flying in from Europe to El Paso and then taking the train to
> Lordsburg. My flight has long since been booked therefor my planned start
> date is 18. April 2014. Unless I overlooked some posting there still
> doesn't
> seem to be a ride option to CC. Are there still talks or consultations with
> possible options going on?
> Trew; what came out of your Church contacts in Silver City?
> Hamburger
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