[Cdt-l] Socks, filters, Odds and Ends

Doug Carlson doug-sue at centurylink.net
Thu Feb 20 19:46:51 CST 2014

I was out hiking in the Superstition Mts the last 5 days.  I think I need
lighter hiking socks than the Smart Wool I have been wearing for years from
my days in Michigan.


Any thoughts, suggestions on socks?


Can you really get by without a filter in New Mexico?  I can't stand to see
things floating or swimming in water I am about to drink.  

Best ceramic filter?  I get sick on too much Aqua Mira.  Or iodine.  


Does using a hosier to sip water cause you to use more water than you
actually need to use while walking?  Is it better to place water in bottles
in the pack and when thirsty stop and open the pack and drink?



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