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I used thin socks to start, then more medium later. I also found on my last
pair of shoes (vasque velocity 7624), which were also the heaviest, lasted
the longest from Sula to Waterton and had tons of life left. I am still
winter running in them. They were big enough to put a pair of scholls green
full length insoles under the vasque insole. Very cushy and easy on the
feet. I would get pretty sore feet after 20 miles before I found that combo.
I never used a filter. Just flitered through a bandana if it was grungy and
pristine drops(like aquamira). I only had to use grungy water a couple of
I just kept a platy or gatorade bottle in a side pocket and would drink as
I walked. Lets you learn your water requirements.
Don't know how much that helped, but worked well for me.

On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 6:46 PM, Doug Carlson <doug-sue at centurylink.net>wrote:

> I was out hiking in the Superstition Mts the last 5 days.  I think I need
> lighter hiking socks than the Smart Wool I have been wearing for years from
> my days in Michigan.
> Any thoughts, suggestions on socks?
> Can you really get by without a filter in New Mexico?  I can't stand to
> see things floating or swimming in water I am about to drink.
> Best ceramic filter?  I get sick on too much Aqua Mira.  Or iodine.
> Does using a hosier to sip water cause you to use more water than you
> actually need to use while walking?  Is it better to place water in bottles
> in the pack and when thirsty stop and open the pack and drink?
> -Trew
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