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Rick Ostheimer rick.ostheimer at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 21 09:27:41 CST 2014

Trew,  Below are what worked for me.  Handlebar

Any thoughts, suggestions on socks?

>I switched to Smartwool PHD Socks either the crew (which I prefer) or anklets:  http://www.rei.com/product/835909/smartwool-phd-outdoor-light-crew-socks-mens or  http://www.rei.com/product/835980/smartwool-phd-outdoor-ultra-light-mini-socks-mens#descriptionTab.  They are a little lighter in weight than the regular socks and dry a little faster (but I still have to hang them from two (for security)safety pins on my pack to dry.  I take 3 pair and alternate two pair with one spare/sleeping pair.

Can you really get by without a filter in New Mexico?  I can't stand to see
things floating or swimming in water I am about to drink. Best ceramic filter?  I get sick on too much Aqua Mira.  Or iodine.

>I used a filter, the MSR Hyperflow, aptly nicknamed "Hyperclog" and many were using the sawyer squeeze combined with a Platypus reservoir in 2012.  I have switched to a Sawyer Mini for my upcoming Sheltowee Trace trek.  The Sawyer Mini is a few ounces lighter than the Hyperflow.  Both are paper-based filters and need to be backflushed.  The MSR can suction water from very shallow sources.  With the Sawyer, I'll have to dip into the "dirty" bag.  I also carried Aqua Mira for really nasty sources---the famous cow water in dirt ponds, for example.  The filters (all of them) get rid of everything except viruses.  Aqua Mira will also kill viruses, but is a pain to use due to the wait time.

Does using a hosier to sip water cause you to use more water than you
actually need to use while walking?  Is it better to place water in bottles
in the pack and when thirsty stop and open the pack and drink?

>I used a combination.  In addition to the Platy Hoser (well, not exactly a Hoser, but a 2L Platypus with a hose adapter and a positive shut-off bite valve), I carry a spare 2L Platy, a 1L Smart Water bottle (skinnier than a Gatorade bottle so it fits better in the outside pockets of my pack) and a 20 oz. Vitamin Water bottle that I use to shake up my Instant Breakfast drink and for supplemental water.  That gives me about a 6L capacity which was fine for NM.  I liked to sip from time to time from the hydration hose (blowing back the water in the hose which otherwise would be quite warm).  I could tell when it was nearing empty when it was warm.  Usually, I'd collect water in my spare Platy late in the day, strap it to the top of my pack, move on a mile or so, then make camp where I'd cook and eat.  It was quite cold overnight so the remaining water which would usually be about 2L would be nice and cold.  You can tell by your urine how well you're hydrating: very clear=too much water; dark yellow=too little.

So I am now in the hunt for a new hat for New Mexico.

It's hard to beat the Tilley Airflow.  It'll be on your head, so you won't notice the weight.  I've worn mine for the entire PCT, CDT and many hikes since, so much so that it was getting frayed around the edged.  I sent it back to Tilley for a replacement, so now I've got a beat up one for trekking and a nice new one for around town, all for a $7 handling charge.  


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