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Fri Feb 21 21:07:13 CST 2014

It's official--the creators of Guthook's Guides for PCT and for the AT have
teamed up with Jerry Brown/Bear Creek Survey to create a series of apps for
the CDT. We are working hard to complete New Mexico for all of you NoBos
before April 15 and continue the series northward as you continue north (and
hopefully we will be done in time for SoBo start dates). The apps will be
available for iPhone and Android. If you would like a preview of the app
format we will be using, check out our Appalachian Trail app, "AT Hiker:
Guthook's Guide" in the Apple App Store or in the Google Play store (there
is a free demo version). Let us know if you have any questions! Here are
some example screenshots from the AT series:
02 (android) or



best wishes,


Jerry Brown

mailto:bcss at bresnan.net



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