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Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Tue Feb 25 01:39:06 CST 2014

Greetings everyone. it's that time of year again. Winter is dragging along,
legs & bellies are getting flabby, and hikers are reduced to discussing
socks and umbrellas on the internet. Take heart! The days are getting
longer, and the melting snowpack will reveal the CDT before you know it. 


I've been updating my set of CDT maps for about 13 years now, based mostly
on the feedback I receive from previous hikers. plus a myriad of other
random sources. It's really striking to see how much the CDT has improved
over the years. When I erase an old route in favor of a new one, I have a
bit of sadness that the old path will fade away, but that's replaced by a
sense of wonder about what the new route will be like. If you're planning
your first adventure along the CDT (or maybe your 5th), you're lucky to be
heading out there now, as the trail just gets better every year.  


I just finished the updates for 2014. Per tradition, the maps will be loaded
on a series of mule trains directed to spread across every corner and
crevasse of the land in search of CDT enthusiasts wherever they might be. On
second thought, maybe I should just use the marvelous modern postal service.
If you've already contacted me, you're already on the list - It's going to
take me a few more days to get these out the door. If you want a copy, just
e-mail me off-list with a mailing address. 


There's more information about the maps and this update on my website at:



Good luck to everyone in 2014!



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