[Cdt-l] Printing services now available for Ley's Maps

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I printed mine and would gladly have handed off that fun to someone for a
reasonable cost.  The time alone, forget the actual materials....

I'm glad to see that you're strongly suggesting throughout your page that
people donate to Mr. Ley.  Absolutely must be done.  I wonder if you could
help streamline the process by accepting donations directly in your
checkout page, then passing them along?

I guess PayPal is easy enough....



On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 12:15 PM, Jackie McDonnell <yogihikes at gmail.com>wrote:

> Yogi's Books now offers printing services for Jonathan Ley's maps.
> You can order your set here:  www.yogisbooks.com
> Orders will ship within one week.
> Jonathan Ley makes his maps available for free.  The cost of the map set
> purchased through Yogi's Books covers printing services only, not the
> creation of the maps.
> For some background:  Matt (Yogi's co-conspirator) sold printing equipment
> for a few Fortune 100 companies.  He maintained his contacts at Canon, and
> we brought in a brand new Canon production print engine to our home office.
>  This is the same equipment Matt sold to commercial printers, but with
> current technology.
> With the addition of this equipment, we are able to produce Ley's maps at
> a significant savings from what commercial printers charge - without
> sacrificing quality.  Ley does not promote one print shop over another, but
> he did give us approval to print his maps for the hiking community.
> We are able to offer this Map Set at a reduced price because we don't
> account for labor costs.  All we need to do is cover equipment, paper,
> maintenance, and power consumption costs.  We also don't overcharge for
> shipping.  The shipping charge simply covers postage plus credit card fees.
> We live too far from the trail to help maintain any portion of it.  So,
> hopefully our local efforts can help fund the efforts of the cartographers
> and trail systems by donations fueled from the map recipients' savings.
> How can you help?  Jonathan has spent literally hundreds of hours working
> on his maps.  Although he makes his maps available for free, Jonathan would
> appreciate a donation to help cover his expenses and encourage him to
> continue to create his maps every year.  Think about how important it is to
> stay "found" on the CDT, then send Jonathan a generous donation.
> You can use PayPal, send money to:  jonathan at phlumf.com
> If you prefer to send a check, simply email Jonathan (jonathan at phlumf.com
> ),
> and he'll send you his snail mail address.
> BE SURE to visit Jonathan's site for a full explanation of his maps:
> http://www.phlumf.com/travels/cdt/cdtmaps.shtml
> Have a great summer on the CDT!  I'll get back out there eventually!
> Yogi
> www.yogisbooks.com
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