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Eaton, Kirk keaton at irco.com
Wed Jan 1 14:20:21 CST 2014

Great idea - I just took it.  I hope you will share the information as I am very interested in what others eat on the trail.  Was a big learning curve for me this year.

All The Best
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On Jan 1, 2014, at 1:10 PM, "Shay Blackley" <shayblackley at gmail.com<mailto:shayblackley at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hello fellow hikers, I have been thinking about hiking (as I always do) and was wondering what other thru-hikers have done with they hiking systems. So instead of just posting a topic and letting people argue about how their system is better and the typical this is how to hike your hike, I've created a little anonymous 10 question survey.

There is no personal information needed for it, but the survey is designed for people that have thru-hiked at least one of the big 3 trails.

Thank you for the help in figuring out unbiased what people do on their hikes.

And Happy New Year also

-Shay Blackley

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