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Yes, the questions were too "simple" to really answer "correctly"  though did my best.  Think age of hiker would have been important too.  My mileage as an older female was so different from the younger hikers.  My food planning took that into account.  Ditto with total days spent hiking  etc.  
Do love the "long winded string" of this forum.  Down to week long adventures but still this triple crowner learns from others.  



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Nice little survey, but without a way to explain the differences between my several hikes, I had no way to answer some of the questions completely, or at all.  It's quick and simple but with no place for us longwinded hikers to really pass on the whole story, you're missing some of the most important parts of the answers.   You might glean more from simply asking the questions and letting folks answer with the different strategies we all use.  A lot of the wisdom of these forums is in the differences with which we all hike, and they really come out when we bounce off each other in a long winded string.


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Hello fellow hikers, I have been thinking about hiking (as I always do) and was wondering what other thru-hikers have done with they hiking systems. So instead of just posting a topic and letting people argue about how their system is better and the typical this is how to hike your hike, I've created a little anonymous 10 question survey. 

There is no personal information needed for it, but the survey is designed for people that have thru-hiked at least one of the big 3 trails.

Thank you for the help in figuring out unbiased what people do on their hikes.

And Happy New Year also

-Shay Blackley


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