[Cdt-l] CDT ride to CC in spring

Mary Kwart mkwart at gci.net
Thu Jan 2 21:17:01 CST 2014


 I am planning on doing the NM section of the CDT starting at the end
of March or beginning of April. I am looking for a ride as well.
Someone recommended that an outdoor gear store in Silver City might be
willing to give paid rides. I also was thinking of driving my truck
out from Southern Oregon to make water caches, then store it either at
a trail angel's place or a storage place with big enough units to
store a truck. This was only an idea--I wouldn't know how to make
water caches without access to a truck in the area. Seems like this
time of year I am always planning to drive my truck out to trailheads,
but actually end up flying out, my trailhead journey helped by trail

I thru hiked the Grand Enchantment Trail last year from Phoenix to
Albuquerque from March 20 to May 20 and want to avoid major desert
heat, although New Mexico was freezing and very windy when I hiked
through it last year a lot later than Arizona (journal at
postholer.com/fireweed). There was also a nasty drought in NM last
year that was drying up water sources earlier than normal. I managed
to sneak through before the sources dried up. If I get stopped by
snow, I don't care. I am planning to return later in the summer to
finish NM if I have to, and the state of Colorado.

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