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I don't shuttle to CC - too far and too much wear and tear on my truck
- I may be able to find someone in hachita to shuttle to CC but no
promises - sam was getting $100 from hachita plus a few more $$ to
pick people up in Lordsburg

Deming, NM
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In case no one thought of this.

>From Poppa Smurf;

First, I just read your two emails that you cc'd me re: this
topic...Trew and his fellow hiker needing a ride to Crazy Cook.
Perhaps he could call Keith - El Coyote - at 575-494-4357
.  Keith
lives in Deming.  I don't know if he is into doing a shuttle to Crazy
Cook but:  Drew could ask and if not, Keith would be a good resource
to possibly locate others who might be interested.  Sam's passing
leaves a big gap in this part of the CDT.

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