[Cdt-l] New Microbrewery in Silver City

Scott Williams baidarker at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 17:47:28 CST 2014

Great news.  Silver City is one of my favorite towns on the CDT and it just
got better.  If you're new to Silver City, realize the trail follows Hwy 90
and is 2 blocks east of the actual old down town which is on N. Bullard St.
 Hang a left at the Billy the Kid log cabin and don't miss the best part of
town.  All over town are murals and local art works as the school's arts
departments are very active.  Why Not and I volunteered to help glue
ceramic hands made by elementary kids, on a mural in a park one of the days
we were there.

Also it's a college town and the campus of Western New Mexico U. is only a
few blocks West and a bit north of the top end of Bullard.  Turn left onto
College Ave. where Bullard ends.  The U. has a fantastic little museum
which houses the largest  collection of Mimbres pottery in the world.  It's
worth a stop to see why everything in the area is named "Mimbres."

Also in the museum on the second floor are go carts and pictures of many
years of the running of the "Great Race," one of the coolest college races
I've ever seen.  We happened to get there on the weekend it was run and
wow!  I'd come into town again to see it. Six to 10 teams of students had
created go carts that carried several people.  They pushed them on a course
around the perimeter of the campus up hills and screaming down the other
sides, and on dirt roads through giant mud holes filled with water which
caused huge splashes and totally soaked the teams, and all surrounded by
spectators who I thought were going to be killed by the speeding carts.
 There's no barricades to keep anyone off the actual course.  It's really
wild and crazy and downright dangerous, all of which might interest the
usual hiker crowd.  This year it's the 47th running and is on Saturday
April 19th with a noon time start in James Stadium.

Silver City is a town with real spirit.  Both of us loved it.  It's the
first place worth a zero if you need one, or just want one and a great
jumping off place for the Gila which is next.


On Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 11:19 AM, Eric Payne <ultrapayne at gmail.com> wrote:

> Opening this weekend is a new microbrewery in Silver City called Little
> Toad Creek.  They already have their original location open in the middle
> of nowhere further north in the Mimbres Valley, so they aren't new to the
> idea of making good beer/spirits/food.  If you're passing through town on a
> thru-hike this year and enjoy beer, keep this cataloged in the back of your
> mind..
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