[Cdt-l] Lordsburg start

Dan Bedore mr_dan_bedore at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 10 15:08:31 CST 2014

I'm thinking of taking the train to Lordsburg and heading north, thereby skipping the section from Crazy Cook to Lordsburg. I'm not so purist In my view point that I'd feel bad about skipping a few official miles. But I would be interested in hearing from former hikers if I would be missing some great scenery, wildlife, etcetera. 

I'll be hiking starting in early April. In 2011 I took the Wolf route across New Mexico, so this year I will hike the official route to Silverton, Colorado. I plan to spend a lot of extra time taking extra side trails in the Gila NF, in the fossil beds south of Cuba, and in the San Pedro Parks area. Any other areas with outstanding side trails I need to see?

Dan Bedore

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