[Cdt-l] Driving into CC and another Shuttle Question

Charlie Thorpe charliethorpe at att.net
Fri Jan 10 22:51:23 CST 2014

Hello Trew -

You asked:

> Just wondering how rugged the drive into CC is.  Can an average pickup or van get to CC or is it only for 4-wheel high clearance vehicles?

A friend and I drove in to the Crazy Cook start twice - once around the south side of Big Hatchet in a Honda Odyssey and once around the north side in a Jeep Cherokee.  The north side in the Jeep was easier, but the Odyssey made it with just a few scratches along the sides (had to straddle the ruts and it got me into the brush on the side of the road).  

The border patrol was on us both times and definitely couldn't believe that the Odyssey was back in there.  As long as it wasn't raining I would cheerfully try going in again with the Odyssey, but I just put it out to pasture with 260,000 miles on it (quite a few on dirt roads setting up CDT section hikes).

Neither trip into Crazy Cook was fast.

- Charlie
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