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When I walked the CDT in 2008 I used the maps and water sources from Spirit Eagle's CDT website.  If still there, they were terrific. Lots of trail changes since then and don't know if he's kept it current,  but a good source.    Like a lot of the southern part of the route, look for cows.  Where there are cows, wind mills are "on" and water flows.  Did stash a gallon of water at last road crossing before CC.
And yes a 4 wheel rental car got us there easily.  Trail wasn't well marked and the "driver" got lost on the way out - 1 1/2 hrs in, 5 hrs out!  
No fence on border in 2008; only one stand of sagging wire.




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I walked from the monument to the highway it was approx 23 miles and you pass by some of the nastiest tanks I had seen on my hike.  I didn't need water, but the tanks I saw were earthen with deep mud surrounding a foul looking puddle.

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It should be possible to hitch south along Hwy 81 and get to within 20 miles of the monument.  There is an access rd close to Antelope Wells on the west side of the Big Hatchets/Alamo Huecos that could be used.  Although there definitely isn't a ton of traffic out there, there are certainly ranchers and border patrol officers using that Hwy.  Once off the highway, it's very unlikely that you will find a hitch.  Surely there are other create routes to get to the monument after hitching/shuttling along the paved hwy.  

SOBO Will Govus reported finding good water along this access rd on his hike out to Hwy 81 this wet fall.   On the maps, there are several tanks listed.

If the CDTC is going to do shuttles though, that will be the way to go.  



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