[Cdt-l] Gila Wilderness Opened or Closed?

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This from Tom Holz.  He was one of the last hikers to pass through last fall
headed north:


"Our group did not hike the Gila, we actually cut east into the national
forest from the north of Snow Lake, and turned south to drop down and ford
the middle fork at The Meadows, then picked up a Ley high water alternate
that dropped us about 1 mile to the east of the cliff dwellings (starting at
Ley NM33 #3). Our experience was a lot like these two hikers:



One man from our group took a slightly different high water route from The
Meadows, and ended up hiking about 3 miles down the west fork into the cliff
dwellings, but word from locals, USFS, and other hikers was that middle fork
was basically impassible. I recall the phase "10 foot cuts"."



best wishes,


Jerry Brown

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My experience has been that "impassable" could mean anything. It totally
depends on who is making that judgment, and what their perspective is. It
could mean, just a bunch of annoying blow-downs and wash-outs, or it could
indeed mean impassable (i.e. you're going to make ~0.5 miles an hour & have
a miserable time). I doubt at this date anyone has been up there recently
and really knows what the conditions will be like come ~April. 





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I would highly doubt it is impassable. It may take a longer and a couple
days extra food, but two feet can clamber and scramble over most anything.


On Mon, Jan 13, 2014 at 5:33 PM, Doug Carlson <doug-sue at centurylink.net>

I just got this question by email.  I have no answer for it.  Planning on
hiking the CDTS route through the Gila Wilderness, does anyone have any info
on this question?


"Have you heard anything about the Gila route?  I heard through Jerry Brown
that the USFS says it is impassable.  I was hoping to go that way."




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