[Cdt-l] Middle Fork alternatives- Jordon Hot Springs

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On the CDTS route or not, I think most nobo'er have followed the main branch
up to Snow Lake and that does include Jordon Hot Springs.  

When I was there last year I just considered it as part of the CDTS, but
that was my route.




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West Fork would have water the whole way. Also at the crossing of the Middle

I'm not sure what hikers do for water who skip the main stem Gila south of

Jordan Hot Springs isn't even on the CDTS route - that's always been a
go-your-own destination. 


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This route would miss the Jordon Hot Springs, correct?  I haven't gotten my
map out yet, but that would be my guess.  If one does bypass the main branch
of the Gila how is water on the trails listed?




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I believe the main stem of the Gila received flood damage as well, so
northbound hikers may want to consider detouring around that this spring
(though the drainage is wide here, so likely passable in whatever state of


Then, once north of Doc Campbells...


For those not interested in the main route / Black Range and who want the
wet canyon experience, grab a copy of the USFS Wilderness Map, then consider
hiking the West Fork rather than the Middle. Take it as far as Hells Hole or
White Creek Flat.


Then to reach Snow Lake and a resumption of the CDTS route:


>From Hells Hole take Trs 268, 164, 30, 705 to Loco Mountain / FR 142 and
hike west to Snow Lake.


Or from White Creek Flat, Trs 30 to 705 to Loco Mountain / FR 142 and hike
west to Snow Lake.


Either way, an option exists en route to hike the upper part of the Middle
Fork Tr into Snow Lake (where Tr 157 meets 30 and 705). If conditions prove


Only the West Fork portion of the above has actually been vetted since the
summer floods. But mostly these trails are up on the ponderosa benches, only
briefly dipping into flood-prone drainages. Once caveat: GET hikers have
reported that the upper West Fork and Middle Fork watersheds north of White
Creek Flat - Turkeyfeather, Cooper, and Iron Creek - have flood damage. So
it may not be advisable to choose such a route continuing beyond White Creek
Flat. Keep farther east while working north.


- Brett





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