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Matthew, Sounds nice.  But last year the main branch ran the color of creamy
coffee.  I used a msr ceramic water filter and 3 or 4 liters would clog the
filter.  Other than that, the Gila River is an adventure just like you
describe and when I finally left the river for the last time heading for
Snow Lake I was sorry that section had ended so soon.  And I don't remember
much trail either, just back and forth across the  river multiple times.
Some mentioned some number of river crossings- like 65 or 75.  I tried
counting the crossing but somewhere after 65 I lost track.  Great trail




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I am a little confused.
Don't remember there being much trail through the Gila.
A little bit on the 'islands' between the bends in the river.
For the most part hiking the Gila route was crossing a gravel bar, cross the
river, cross another gravel bar, cross the river..
I would watch the spring runoff the weeks before my hike and make the
decision based on that.

The Gila river is one of the wonders of the Earth for sure.
Melted wax cliffs.
Box canyons with 90 degree walls (think Wyle E. Coyote)
The hot springs.
The cliff dwellings.

I liked the Gila and everything to do with it very much.
Even though the cold water numbed my legs, the sand chafed my crotch, and
the river crossings were exhausting.. it was worth it.

A crystal cold river flowing through a desert like canyon landscape.
No route finding neccesary, just follow the river until you are tired and
fall asleep in the sand and then wake up and do it again.

The Gila River, New Mexico.


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