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I did the road walk out of Doc Campbell's because the southern part of the
Gila was completely washed out and that brings you right out to the Little
Toad Creek inn/restaurant/brewery at the 15/35 junction. We rolled in at 10
PM after deciding not to stay in Gila Hot Springs since Wildwood Retreat
was destroyed from the flooding (rangers and locals said that the owner had
just put a bunch of money in over the last few years and after the floods
is probably going to sell it and won't rebuild, no one will sell you flood
insurance in that area). They were very friendly, the food was great, they
had a former AT/PCT thruhiker (his name escapes me at this moment) working
there and the beer was great! The owner opened up the downstairs bar and
basically poured free beers for four thru-hikers after-ours while we all
exchanged stories. Great place - he did mention they were about to open a
location in Silver City since there was not much traffic at the current one.

Seconding the Silver City love. Easily one of my favorite stops on the
entire trail and worthy of zero or two. Very artsy with tons of cool little
shops and some great food. They got written up in the NYT -
I ate at the Gelato place a few times and a bunch of us ate at 1zero6, a
restaurant open 3 days a week by reservation, and it was amazing. This was
southbound, so I was glad for a nice stop in a cool town - northbounders
may be feeling more of a rush to push into Colorado. "A town with real
spirit" - can't put it any better than Shroomer. Talk to the locals - they
are very friendly and a lot of them have very interesting stories.

-Barrel Roll
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