[Cdt-l] West Fork Gila

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 17 14:02:15 CST 2014

I'm not quite ready to buy the notion that only 50% of the West Fork Trail remains intact. Here is what veteran GET thru-hiker and two-time CDT thru-hiker Paul Healy had to say after hiking the West Fork this October (post-flooding events):

"I ended up doing the main GET route the whole way thru.  The west fork 
of the Gilla is no problem.  It may be slightly more difficult to pick 
up the trail tread as you cross back and forth across the river, but 
there are no obstacles, no excessive debris, no bad erosion.  It is 
pleasant walking all the way" 

Paul's a good guy with sound judgment. I take him at his word.

- Brett

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