[Cdt-l] Columbus Route

Matthew Edwards iceaxehikes at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 23:34:20 CST 2014

>From the Mexican border I took 3 liters.
There is a house with a friendly homeowner and a spigot just before
climbing into the Floridas on day two.
Then there was a natural spring on the way down from the summit of South
Peak in the slot canyon.
After that there are cattle tanks (beware of deat floating bats) all the
way to Deming.
There was a windmill/tank out on the Butterfield stage route just before
Massacre peak.
Pack 3 liters capacity and add a soda bottle for daily use and you'll do
The Hyatt's are friendly below Cookes peak but there is water in the cattle
tank nearby without disturbing them.
I don't recall any water troubles on the Columbus route Northbound starting
in late April of 2010.

Best advice; don't look too closely at the cow's nose that drank from the
tank before you get your water.
3 liters capacity and change will do 'ya.
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