[Cdt-l] CDTA Guide books- Remember them?

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I have done both the official route (Black Range) and the Middle Fork, and
did parts of the Black Range again when hiking the GET.   I personally enjoy
the Black Range immensely.  It closely follows the crest of the divide much
of the way through spectacular, remote, wilderness.  It is a longer hike
than following the river, and doesn't get hiked as much, but it does get
hiked.  The Black Range takes you through America's very first wilderness
area, the Aldo Leopold (June 3, 1924)  Much of the trail was built as public
works projects back in the 30's.  It has some really neat and intricate rock
retaining walls and obviously was a huge project at the time.  That route is
certainly much drier than walking up a river, and you have to plan
accordingly, but it's no worse than some other parts of the CDT.  I have the
entire set of CDTA guidebooks and I speculate that they are close to correct
when it comes to the Black Range.  If you go that way, take your gps.  There
are some stretches that are similar to Crazy Cook where you walk from post
to post across desert like terrain and the posts are mostly laying down.   


With all the flood damage, it might actually be easier this year than doing
the Middle Fork.  Climbing over debris and downed trees can be really



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CDTA- such nice memories!! I was a supporting member for a few years.  I am
looking at my  CDTA  Official Guide book for NM this evening.  The route
they have in the Guide completely bypasses the Gila River system and Doc
Campbells store.  I think the official route still does but does anyone use
that "official" route and has it been changed a lot since the guide books
came out?


And does anyone use those the CDTA Guide books any more?  They sure do have
nice pictures.



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